Victory Hemp—5 Feminized Seeds

Victory Hemp—5 Feminized Seeds

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Join gardeners across America growing hemp! As easy to grow as a tomato, on a patio, or in a backyard. Late spring through fall, warm-season annual bears flowers high in CBD with a sweet floral aroma, excellent for culinary and smoking applications. Plant in containers or in your vegetable garden, versatile and adaptable, easy to grow.


• Size: 4’-5’ tall, 3-4' wide
• Days to Maturity: Early October
• Productivity: 1/2 lb flower
• Light Requirement: Full Sun
• Water Needs: Moderate
• Growth Habit: Upright
• Growth Rate: Fast
• Attributes: Smokeable, Edible, Fragrant, Attracts Butterflies, Deer Resistant, Flowers for Cutting, Waterwise

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Green Thumb Guide

Plant in enriched garden soil 1-2 weeks after the last frost, similar to planting tomatoes. Leave 4-5’ of space between each plant. Water regularly in hot climates. If desired, before flower set prune aggressively to keep the plant to desired shape and size. Feed regularly with an all-purpose fertilizer. Harvest in late September to early October when the flowers are mature. Tender leaves may be used through the season as an herb or juice.

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Grow it from Home Lab Test Results

Being able to grow at home empowers people - to enjoy, to share, to heal. I feel lucky to provide access and education to others around this versatile plant.

Emily Gogol, Ph.D. Head Gardener and CEO of Grow It From Home

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