Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian

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Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian

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We love black obsidian for its ability to release negativity. And, we love to use organic hemp wick as a means to ignite our joints, pipes, and bongs. Carrying them together as a unit is our preference!

Hemp wick is essential because when you hold a flame to your piece and inhale, you are also drawing into your lungs your lighting mechanism. So, for instance, if you are using a butane lighter direct to your mouthpiece, you are also inhaling butane. For this reason, we always have hemp wick on hand, wrapped around our black obsidian.


All organic hemp
Rough cut black obsidian typically 1"-2"
12' Hemp wrapped black obsidian OR 20' just hemp wick
No-drip hemp wick
Clean draw, no noxious gases to inhale
Hemp wick improves the taste of your draw because the butane doesn't overpower your flower
Hemp wick burns at a lower temp than a flame produced by butane, therefore, allowing the terpenes to come forward

Suggested Use

Spark your lighter
Hold it to the end of your hemp wick
Hold the wick with the flame to your mouthpiece
Blow out the wick and relight when necessary

Benefits of Black Obsidian

Psychic protection
Helps clear the negative psychic energy within your aura
Use as a root chakra for healing and grounding


Rogue Paq (Patent Issued) was founded by NY wardrobe stylist and Goldman Sachs alumna, Jessica Cadmus (AKA the Wardrobe Whisperer), who thinks non-stop about how people present themselves. Her style advice and commentary has been featured on CBS This Morning: Saturday, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, Business Insider, and more. She's worked for small as well as leading media companies, such as HBO, to get stars red-carpet ready. Jessica has been a featured stylist at major events like NY's Fashion's Night Out and she's been a guest stylist for international brands like Hugo Boss, Reiss, and Alexis Bittar. She has spent the last 12 years dressing power brokers and influencers and ensuring their aesthetic is highly cultivated. When she discovered her clients were carrying their ritual in vessels like old pencil cases and baggies, a problem defined itself: the need for a refined carrying case. It was from that need that Rogue Paq was born.

Because Jess is keenly aware that everything a person puts on and carries reflects who they are, she has designed each version of the Rogue Paq ritual case with a sleek, sophisticated, and polished aesthetic. She hand-selects premium materials and hardware and composes them in harmonious combinations. The results are elevated and luxurious yet remain subtle and discreet.

Form may follow function, but we believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. Rogue Paq cannabis carriers are also highly functional and exceptionally well made. Their thoughtful design includes details like easy-to-wipe, water-resistant interior pockets for simple maintenance and scent suppression, and quick-access internal elastics for scissors, hemostats, cleaners, pens and chords.

Gone are the days when you have to root in the depths of your bag or pockets to locate the various articles of your ritual. With Rogue Paq, your tools and accessories will be neatly organized and safely guarded -- while preserving, and elevating, your core style. 

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