Meet LAV8's Founder

Mae Bereal

MAE BEREAL is a millennial mother of 4 who redefines the look and feel of a Cannabis Entrepreneur. Through her humble beginnings of being raised in a low-income housing community by her immigrant mother, Ms. Bereal was able to see first hand what her Community needed and the pain they faced, day-to-day. Understanding the Cannabis plant on a deeper level turned Ms. Bereal from patient, to an owner of a vertically integrated cannabis operation. Affording her the opportunity to give the Community the relief they need in an organic, holistic and loving way. 

At LAV8, we are focused on holistic health and plant-based healing.  Our products harness the power of herbs, oils and botanical extracts to boost the skin’s radiance and vitality while easing minor aches and pains.

Our Full-Spectrum hemp oil contains less than .3% THC and is grown in an organic standard.  We source the highest grade of organic oils and butters and use licensed and tested industrial hemp to perfect our proprietary blends.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between cannabis and consumers by properly educating them on the healing properties of this powerful plant and then providing them with the proper LAV8 products to help alleviate their ailments.

Our passion is to help heal our Communities, to heal our Nation, to heal our World… all by using a single seed.  One Good Seed planted today brings healing tomorrow.

And the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the Nations. —Revelation 22:2