Meet the Founders of Kiskanu


Located in Northern Humboldt, our family owned and operated business benefits from over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. This knowledge is reflected in the quality and consistency of our hand crafted, small-batch beauty and wellness products. We use premium organic whole plant extracts in a base of cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils. We are committed to supporting organic farming methods, sustainable practices, organic ingredients, and offering safe, lab-tested products to our community. We source hemp CBD from the United States. Our Hemp CBD Line contains between 0-0.3% THC (in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill).

At Kiskanu, we do our best to avoid plastic packaging, as much as we possibly can with the strict packaging requirement laws we must obey. Our paper tubes, cardboard boxes, and glass jars are all reusable or recyclable. We are moving toward QR codes and away from paper marketing assets. Our facilities are dedicated to using minimal paper products, avoiding single-use plastic in production, as well as in our employee kitchen and restrooms, and we recycle everything that is possible.

Rather than isolates or concentrates, we believe in the effectiveness of whole plant medicine to imbue healing qualities into our products that are palpable. We have chosen the formulations to address a wide variety of ailments or concerns that many of us face. Along with our mission to keep Kiskanu as sustainable as possible, we hope to make our products just as accessible. We are passionate to share with the world the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant we have always believed in.

We acknowledge the Wiyot Nation, on whose ancient and sacred land we live, work and play. As a community, we recognize the ever-present systemic inequities that stem directly from past wrongdoings, and we commit ourselves indefinitely to respecting and reconciling this long history of injustice.