Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Information
Certain personal information is needed to subscribe to our publication; purchase products offered by our website or publication; join our website; or submit questions, suggestions, and opinions through our customer service. Your information will never be abused for purposes other than payment, charging for shipment, delivery, and other matters that you request. Cookies are also regarded as personal privacy policy.


Disclosure of Information
We do not use, sell, lend, steal, or expose personal information for purposes other than those set in this Terms & Conditions, without direct permission or consent from the user. However, particular personal information may be delivered to affiliates, subsidiaries, or partners at the user’s request; when shipping goods and publications; and for delivery of services.  Also, we may keep and save such information for convenience in future service delivery.

All services providers, including affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, and contractors, must abide by the privacy policy and not use personal information for purposes other than those set in these Terms & Conditions.