Red Moon Founder

red moon Founder

After years of struggling with endometriosis — the pain, endless medical exams, and constant search for relief — I decided it was time to take period wellness into my own hands. I was determined to find a holistic approach to treat period pain and fight the stigma that often surrounds it. If you’re suffering, if you’re feeling forced to push through the day despite your extreme discomfort, there’s help. I found life-changing relief and support from Red Moon’s period care, and I’m hopeful you will too.

Alison Ferrell, Founder


Your Purchase Makes an Impact

43 million. That’s how many women and people with periods in the U.S. live in poverty without access to period products. Medicaid, food stamps, and health insurance don’t cover these basic necessities, and sometimes people are forced to choose between buying feminine pads and groceries.

We believe that period products should be made available to every woman and person — and child — who needs them, and our mission is to make that possible. As such, Red Moon will be partnering with existing charities to donate a portion of all our profits to help provide these essential items for free throughout the U.S. and beyond.